My first drone

Posted on 6th Sep 2017

About two years ago I got hooked on freestyle drone flying after watching some Charpu and Skitzo clips on Youtube. I decided to buy a Hubsan X4 to see if flying was anything for me at all…it was awesome!

Roughly a month passed and I had to build my own freestyle drone. It took some puzzling but I finally landed (pun not intended) on the following main components:

I initially flew line of sight just to get the grips of the basic controls, to keep things interesting I did a few rebuilds using all the initial components.


After a few months couldn’t hold back anymore and needed to upgrade to FPV. As I still wasn’t sure if a full budget setup was wise I went on a budget with the following list.

I didn’t take long for me to realise I should have switched to FPV earlier! It was amazing.

To everyone who thinks about building a drone and is hesitant because of their lack of soldering skills. Just do it! Before this build I had no soldering experience. Which, in hindsight, let to the drone looking like it was put together by a caveman with two cold rocks. But the sense of achievement on its maiden flight was amazing!

Since then I have upgraded and build two others, I will follow this post up!