Not a blogger

Posted on 26th Feb 2018

This might not be the most inspiring title to put on a blog, but it is true. This site started out as a way for me to learn about programming and it still is. Some people might enjoy reading my brainfarts others might not, the point is it doesn’t matter ;).

Some weeks ago, I started learning Java with the help of a MOOC provided by the University of Helsinki’s Department of Computer Science. I would like to recommend it to anyone who would like to take up Java. While Java might not be the easiest language to take up it provides a clear structure which is emphasized by the MOOC.

I hope to have a new calculator only somewhere this week. My students often ask for additional radiation questions to practice. So, I though to myself, why not write some code to provide a nearly infinite amount of questions :). The basic code is already online under the new projects section.

More to come!